Rocketmakers, the award-winning digital and design development agency in Bath, is celebrating its 15th birthday today by launching the new Rocketmakers Collaboratorium.

The new scheme will pledge 2,000 hours of development and design time per year, valued at £235,000, will be available to organisations using technology to have a beneficial impact on society and the environment.

Rocketmakers has been supporting tech-for-good projects with pro bono work since its founding, but the Collaboratorium formalises and improves the process for selecting recipients.

Rocketmakers formalises its tech for good support

Applications are open to any interested organisations in the UK – the team is is most interested in projects which support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. These include the promotion of good health and wellbeing, quality education, gender equality, public sanitation, or the reduction of hunger and poverty.

As of today, organisations from across the UK can apply online to access Rocketmakers’ design and development help. New projects will be approved each June and December, for completion over a six month period.

In the past decade and a half, Rocketmakers has established itself as a leader in innovative development and design and robust software architecture, and has a reputation for supporting tech-for-good projects.

Rocketmakers CEO Richard Godfrey says the establishment of the Rocketmakers Collaboratorium is a continuation and expansion of the work the company has done since its founding in 2007: “At Rocketmakers, we believe in a ‘give first’ approach to business. In 2020, we set a company ten-year goal for our technology to have a positive impact on 50 million people worldwide, and nearly two-thirds of our work each week is done for projects which support social or environmental benefits.

“The Collaboratorium allows us to do what we’ve always done, provide pro bono support to organisations that make the world a better place, but more effectively and with a clearer system that allows us to appeal to a much wider range of organisations across the UK.”

Applications from any group or organisation wanting to take part in the Collaboratorium are open now. See here for more details.