The countdown for Bristol’s fundraising campaign Unicornfest is finally over. Officially commencing on the 1 July, and taking place until 3 September, a mystical herd of 60 unicorn sculptures has been scattered across the city of Bristol and its surrounding areas.

The sculpture trail in support of Leukaemia Care UK, stretches from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol all the way to Weston-Super Mare’s pier. Donations to the charity have been made possible by Moneyhub, the data and payments platform based in Bristol.

Collectively forming an interactive nine-week-long art trail, each life-sized unicorn on display to members of the public has its own unique design and story, exclusively painted by various artists participating in the event.

Inkie, Holy Moly and Oshii, are just a few of the many artists who have been involved. Moneyhub is delighted to have worked with local artist Farrah Fortnam to develop the ‘Guardian of the Forest’ unicorn which is located in Clifton near the Suspension Bridge. It represents the importance of nature, reducing consumption and the need to protect, grow and rewild.  

Attached to each unicorn is a QR code plaque connecting visitors to this URL link, which when scanned with their smartphone or tablet enables the user to donate directly to Leukaemia Care UK. Powered by advanced Open Banking technology and developed by Moneyhub, a pioneer in Open Banking payment solutions, anyone donating using the QR code can authorise the donation through their banking app directly to Leukaemia Care UK’s business bank account instantly and securely with just a few simple clicks and without the need for a credit or debit card, a PIN pad or contactless card reader.

“We know that times are challenging for many, so we’re thrilled that every penny that someone donates will go directly to the charity”

Moneyhub’s payment method means that 100% of donations go straight into the pockets of Leukaemia Care UK and towards the charity’s meaningful, positive work. 

The event has secured sponsorships of some of Bristol’s biggest and well known businesses, including Hargreaves Lansdown, Rocketmakers and IKEA Bristol, and forms part of Bristol’s 650th anniversary celebrations. Following the end of the art trail on 3rd September, the unicorns will be auctioned at Propyard on 5th October. 

Zack Pemberton-Whiteley, CEO of Leukaemia Care tells us, “Working with Moneyhub has been a pleasure and it’s exciting to be using this revolutionary technologyI to support donations during our campaign.

“We know that times are challenging for many, so we’re thrilled that every penny that someone donates will go directly to the charity, rather than be lost to card and transaction fees. We hope that everyone enjoys exploring Bristol and spotting the colourful unicorns as they move around the city this summer!”

“We’re passionate about supporting local initiatives and using our technology for the greater good. As the cost-of-living crisis continues to spark widespread concern, new and cost-effective ways to donate are essential for fundraising engagement and success,” adds Ingrid Anusic, Marketing Director at Moneyhub.

“All of us here at Moneyhub have been excited for Unicornfest to commence and showcase how Open Banking payments can benefit the charity sector”.

You can donate to Leukaemia Care using open banking technology here.