Signable, an eSignature software platform that promises to streamline your document signing workflow at a cost-effective rate has released its new ‘Bulk Send’ feature.

The Bulk Send functionality allows Signable users to send more than one envelope to multiple recipients in one go, transforming the current sending process. Signable customers will benefit from a faster and more seamless sending experience as a result. 

Until now, the ability to send documents in bulk was only available via the Signable API. The introduction of the new Bulk Send feature offers a streamlined alternative that not only complements API usage but is more widely accessible to Signable customers as a whole. 

Improving customer experience

The Bulk Send feature has been highly requested by many Signable customers, particularly those who have a growing need to send documents on a greater scale. From the selection of customers who have already tested the functionality, there has been some very positive feedback! One user explained, “Bulk Send is huge for us. There are documents we send out weekly and there can be between 30 to 100 people on the list, which up until now I have to send each manually. Whereas this will be a great time saver.” 

Signable’s Bulk Send feature closely follows another recent release: ‘All-at-once signing’. Together, both features will work in tandem to ensure Signable users can send and sign documents faster than ever and will especially support scaling organisations with a growing need for efficiency. 

Signable’s Lead Product Manager Karen Velasquez adds, “We can’t wait to see our users embrace this new capability and enjoy the enhanced convenience it brings to their document signing workflow.” 

Signable eSignatures allow businesses to speed up their workflows, save time and money as well as become more sustainable. With plans ranging from ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ to ‘Corporate’ and ‘Bespoke’, Signable’s flexible offering is accessible for independent accounts to large businesses, with unlimited users available across all plans.

Shona Wright

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