The Studio in Bath is a thriving hub for change-makers that fosters creativity, technology, and social change. Nestled in the heart of Bath, The Studio offers more than just a workspace. It’s a springboard for ideas, a space for collaboration, and a catalyst for meaningful innovation.

Its central offering is a fully subsidised residency programme that provides space, funding opportunities, and professional support services valued at £12,000.  

Here to teach us more about The Studio is Nigel Fryatt, Marketing Consultant at The Studio.

1 – Where are you? 

The Studio is situated in Bath. Its address is 10 Palace Yard Mews, Bath, BA1 2NH.

2 – How would you describe your space? 

The Studio is a vibrant hub where change-makers in Bath prototype, test, and launch innovative creative and technology micro-businesses, organisations, and projects. It is also a space to collaborate, share ideas, and host events for residents and the wider community. 

Our fully subsidised residency programme provides access to workspace, funding opportunities and professional support services for up to twelve months. The value of this programme is around  £12,000 per resident.  

We encourage and champion sustainable and inclusive practices, nurture innovation, and contribute to the building of a confident sustainable start-up and microbusiness community. 

As Bath Spa University’s centre for enterprise and innovation, we frame our work and impact as  research, but research that is applied and focused on helping innovative people “do stuff that  matters.” 

3 – Who will I meet there? 

The Studio is a community of passionate individuals working at the intersection of creativity,  technology, and social impact. You can expect to meet a diverse range of individuals, including artists, creative technologists, social entrepreneurs, researchers, and academics. One moment you’ll be chatting with a game developer, the next you could be brainstorming with a social arts producer or discussing your research with an academic exploring the ethics of future technologies. 

4 – Can I bring my team (do you have offices as well as co-working)? 

As our focus centres around supporting the micro-business startup ecosystem, we do not offer office leases. However, if you are a resident or a member of our second-floor co-working space, you will have access to a range of bookable spaces that can be used to hold meetings with your team and even record a podcast. 

5 – Is there somewhere for me to meet clients? 

Yes, there are facilities for you to meet clients, which can be managed using a super easy-to-use app.

6 – Do you run any events? 

The Studio hosts regular workshops, events, webinars, and activities where you can learn, connect,  and exchange ideas with other creatives. Currently, our “Writing With Technologies” webinar series enjoys several hundred attendees, with our in-person events growing an exciting following too. 

Residents can utilise the space to run their own events, which are promoted through The Studio network as well as local and national creative network.

7 – What are the perks? 

The benefits of becoming a resident include: 

  • Access to a supportive network of innovators, thinkers, and entrepreneurs. Access to internal funding opportunities to apply for up to £10,000 to develop creative and  technology projects with social impact. 
  • Free co-working desk space (including utility costs) in our city centre location for up to 12  months. 
  • Free WIFI access. 
  • Bookable meeting rooms and breakout spaces. 
  • Free workshops, events, and access to specialist support. 
  • Access and training with creative technology equipment to explore ideas and innovate. This includes 360 Cameras, VR headsets, training in the creation of 3D environments, Lidar Scanner,  Ambisonic and Binaural Sound, Haptic and MoCap suits. 

The benefits of becoming a paid co-working member include: 

  • All the above. 
  • A pay-what-you-can model (a minimum charge applies) for businesses looking for working space in Bath city centre. 

8 – What makes your space different? 

Deeper Focus on Social Impact: While many co-working spaces cater to creative and technology-focused businesses, The Studio emphasises ideas with a social impact, fostering innovative solutions that address real-world challenges. 

Access to Internal Funding: The Studio provides residents with exclusive access to internal funding opportunities of up to  £10,000. This crucial financial support goes beyond physical space and directly helps residents turn their innovative ideas with social impact into reality. 

University Connection and Research Focus: As Bath Spa University’s hub for innovation, The Studio offers access to university resources and expertise, fostering collaboration between entrepreneurs and researchers. This can provide valuable support and insights for resident businesses. 

Free & Subsidised Options: The Studio offers free and subsidized memberships, supporting micro-businesses and fostering accessibility for individuals pursuing impactful projects. 

Focus on Community and Events: The Studio goes beyond just providing workspace by actively building a supportive and engaged community through regular workshops, events, and activities, fostering connections and learning opportunities.

9 – How much is it to be based there? 

Becoming a resident of The Studio is free and provides up to 12 months of subsidized access to the space and its offerings. The value of our residency programme is valued at around £12,000 per resident.  

Becoming a member of our pay-what-you-can model is accessible to businesses and organisations that our accessibly designed minimum charge. 

10 – How do I find out more? 

To learn more about The Studio, you can visit our website here. You can connect with The Studio on social media through the following channels: Instagram: @thestudioinbath 

LinkedIn: /the-studio-in-bath 

X: @thestudioinbath 

You can contact us via email at or call 01225 876785.

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