Ultrahaptics signs two global deals for its mid-air touch tech

A collaboration with tech pioneers Meta and ZeroLight is announced alongside a deal with the world's largest game makers IGT at CES 2018
5th January 2018

Bristol-based Ultrahaptics is announcing two significant global technology deals at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the US next week.

In the first deal it is working with technology pioneers Meta and ZeroLight to combine advanced augmented reality (AR), haptic feedback and real-time 3D visualisation technologies.

“By stimulating contact with digital models, we can amplify the overall impact and response of each interaction”


It has also signed a licensing deal with one of the world’s largest game makers, IGT, to supply its mid-air haptic feedback technology for IGT’s TRUE 4D games that are installed in casinos.

The deal with Meta and Zerolight will allow visitors to CES to intuitively touch and explore a virtual Pagani Huayra Roadster hypercar (pictured right), set within a real-world environment, through Meta’s AR development kit. The Ultrahaptics technology allows them to feel the vibration of the V12 AMG engine and suspend individual components of the car for further inspection.

You can find out more about this collaboration in the video below:


“Touch is intrinsic to our understanding of the world and how we interact with it. This shouldn’t be lost when we interact with digital media and virtual objects,” says Anders Hakfelt, vice president of product and marketing at Ultrahaptics.

“We are… defining what the future of computing will look like in the years to come”


Anders adds: “Ultrahaptics uses ultrasound to create tactile feedback on the hand, allowing you to explore and manipulate virtual objects and react to tactile cues without inhibiting natural movement. By stimulating contact with digital models, we can amplify the overall impact and response of each digital interaction.”

Meta is based in Silicon Valley and is developing AR technology while Zerolight develops the 3D visualisation technology.

“The vision behind Meta is to deliver a machine that acts as an extension of the body, allowing us to intuitively create, communicate and collaborate in a natural way,” David Oh, head of developer relations for Meta tells us. “We are working closely with our partners, defining what the future of computing will look like in the years to come.”

The immersive casino

For casino gaming, IGT has combined Ultrahaptics’ mid-air haptics technology with glasses-free TRUE 3D and gesture recognition technologies to create multi-sensory gaming experiences.

This enables players to experience tactile feedback when they interact with the games’ glasses-free 3D graphics. Players can literally reach out and touch graphics that appear in free space, without the need for haptic gloves.  

“This is a major milestone for the business, and it represents a crucial step in Ultrahaptics’ roadmap: seeing our technology being used by people in their daily lives,” says Steve Cliffe, CEO of Ultrahaptics.

“Ultrahaptics’ mid-air haptic technology has enabled IGT to create a player experience unlike anything previously offered in the casino industry,” Dallas Orchard, IGT’s chief product officer gaming adds. “IGT’s SPHINX 4D game combines unprecedented technology, with exciting gameplay and cutting-edge hardware to create a phenomenal casino product.”

You can see a demo of the mid-air haptics technology at www.ultrahaptics.com or stay tuned to its latest developments by following them on Twitter here: @ultrahaptics.