As its Startup Month here at TechSPARK we’ve picked five SETsquared Bristol startups that we believe are ones to watch in 2022, but would be remiss if we didn’t highlight the other amazing startups who are a part of the SETsquared Bristol community – so see the full list of companies here.

SETsquared Bristol has been around since 2002, supporting hundreds of promising startups. Part of the University of Bristol and the SETsquared Partnership, they offer membership packages at heavily discounted rates and tap into a vast array of resources and benefits for you if you join.

It exists to help tech founders who want to have an impact in the world – helping them transition from where they are now to where they need to be. Through coaching and training, workspace and a vibrant network of advisers and investors – SETsquared Bristol offer early-stage entrepreneurs everything they need to enjoy high economic growth while delivering real impact.

IntelliumAI is a Bristol-based AI-for-Engineering deep tech company helping organisations adopt and scale AI to accelerate the monetisation of their data assets. Founded in 2017 by Kiran Krishnamurthy, IntelliumAI was setup to address the disparity in the market in that the exponential rate of digital data growth was not matched with the necessary Data Science skills.

They specialise in AI products and service across many diverse industry domains with specific expertise in Aerospace, Defence and Automotive industries including Engineering, Manufacturing and IT disciplines.

IntelliumAI has developed a cloud-based enterprise AI platform called ‘AiBoost’ to accelerate the adoption of AI in industry. AiBoost is their no-code cloud-based Enterprise AI SaaS platform that democratises AI in an organisation. It bridges the gap between Engineering and Data Science empowering Engineers to focus on high value creative tasks and not get bogged by software and hardware intricacies.

Founded to solve the £1.1B problem of using broad spectrum antibiotics as an alternative for accurate diagnosis of infection, FluoretiQ has developed NANOPLEX technology to ensure that Primary Healthcare professionals can prescribe the most effective antibiotic treatment from day one.

Speaking to SETsquared Bristol in November 2021, FluoretiQ Co-founder and CEO, Neciah Dorh, said “2022 will be an extremely exciting time for us, as we work collaboratively with our product design partner, regulatory consultants and Chief Medical Officer to develop prototypes in readiness for our upcoming clinical work with North Bristol NHS Trust”.

With their flagship product readying itself for market, make sure to keep an eye on FluoretiQ in 2022.

Built from the ground up for processing volumetric video at speed, Condense Reality‘s compression algorithms use deep learning and a GPU powered architecture to stream content in real-time. Their software also takes care of the complexities of distribution, with cloud platforms ensuring that content can reliably reach a global audience.

Founded in 2019, co-founders coalesced around a shared vision to use cutting edge computer vision research to create a completely new user experience. By March 2020, they were able to demonstrate their capability to capture and live-stream volumetric video using off the shelf hardware. Now they are continuing their mission to make volumetric video photo realistic and live-streamed, with their broadcast quality product being trialed with a select number of studios.

Growing from strength to strength following their success in TechSPARK’s Silicon Gorge competition in 2020, Stornaway were recently awarded an Audience of the Future award by Innovate UK, and are only compounding the list of reasons to watch out for them in 2022.

The concept behind the company is to aid filmmakers with creative storytelling tools to make it easier for creatives to dream up and deliver fun, complex, multilayered non-linear stories without having knowledge of coding. With simple, template-based tools and realtime playback, Stornaway lets creators easily create interactive video and 360 stories for the web, social media and YouTube. Rapidly gaining traction with thousands of users worldwide including enterprises, small businesses and independent creators, Stornaway should definitely stay on your radar throughout the year.

GenomeKey is a Bristol-based biotech startup developing a point-of-care in-vitro diagnostic device based on next-generation sequencing and machine learning, that will reduce the time taken to determine how to treat sepsis from days, to only hours. Their device combines whole genome sequencing, novel sample preparation, and machine learning to deliver results at an unprecedented accuracy and speed. Their diagnostic device rapidly identifies the bacteria affecting the patient, and which antibiotics will be effective. This saves lives, saves money, and saves our last antibiotics for when we really need them.

Having assembled a team of talented and motivated people to drive forward the technology and innovation required, pulling together experience from a wide range of industries, academic institutes and backgrounds, GenomeKey believe they have what it takes to make a step-change improvement and redesign the world of Sepsis diagnostics.